Top 5 universities in Australia

Australia is a hotspot to some of the top universities across the world catering world-class education and expanding career prospects to the students from leading firms. Victoria University, Swinburne University of Technology, James Cook, etc. are some of the popularly shortlisted options when it comes down to picking one among the multiple top universities to study abroad.

With the pros and cons list in hand, you must be struggling to pick just the right university to study in Australia. Well, this confusion was inevitable since Australia hosts some of the top universities with an extensive list of skill-based- courses, highly-quailed teaching faculty, and abundant employment opportunities for the students planning to study abroad.

Now that you are here, we know that answering why study in Australia must be a piece of cake for you, well who doesn’t pick a country with vibrant cities, low cost of living, diverse culture, an extensive list of skill-based courses, and abundant employment opportunities preparing you for the competitive market. Now, our task right here is to choose just the perfect university for you to witness growth and incoming opportunities to shape your career over the years. Take a tour of the guide below to find the top 5 universities in Australia if you are planning to fly out for overseas education:

Here are some facts to begin with, if you are considering to study in Australia 

  • In the past 20 years, the number of students who hold bachelors or postgraduate degrees from Australian Universities has increased by 39% in the year 2020.
  • Home to more than 43 top universities, students planning to fly out to study abroad increasingly consider Australia as their ultimate study abroad destination.
  • Australian Universities provide education in a wide range of academic disciplines, witnessing a ratio of over 1.4 million students seeking admission in some of the finest universities in Australia.

Top 5 Universities in Australia

  1. Victoria University 

Considered to be one of the top universities providing higher-level of education to the students planning to study abroad, Victoria University sets a benchmark for academic excellence and learning from some of the best employers in the industry to get an active insight on how to work in the challenging market. Popular by the name of dual-university it definitely paves a way to excellence and higher education for the students. For instance, if students want to step up from vocational courses to higher education or maybe a certificate or diploma courses to undergraduate and post-graduate courses, name it all, and Victoria University caters it to you.

If you are someone planning to pursue education in lucrative disciplines like aviation, arts, architecture, design, etc. then undoubtedly Swinburne University of Technology is the best choice for you. Many students plan to study in Australia because of the extensive- list of skill-based courses this university caters with highly skilled teaching faculty and blooming employment opportunities from the best employers in the industry. Indian students have an edge here since the university has well-established relations with some of the top Indian universities like IIT Hyderabad and IIT Madras.

The second oldest university named after the explorer James Cook is accepting students since 1961, to ensure that they receive only the best in terms of education, job opportunities, and industry exposure. If you are someone looking for vocational courses, James Cook University will astonish you with a never-ending list of under-graduate and post-graduate courses. Another win-win situation for the students pursuing education here is a flexible work permit allowing students to afford their key expenses like tuition fees, student accommodation as well as gain industry exposure alongside pursuing education.

Gaining popularity due to its dynamic courses, Asia Pacific International College (APIC) is known for catering some of the best courses in not just one but two of its campuses in Australia. A well-constructed campus provides libraries, social areas, computer labs, and access to wireless connections all over the university. As a student we all look for motivation to improve our skills and move closer towards growth and improving career prospects, well the Student Learning Support committee at APIC ensures to support and guide them to excel in education as well as attract some of the best opportunities to shape their career. Academic assistance is provided through three main channels: online academic skills resources, individual and small group consultations, and in-class skill improvement.

Considered to be in the list of 150 top universities in the world by Global Times Higher Education and QS World Rankings, the stats and never-ending list of milestones force students to choose Southern Cross University to study in Australia. The campuses are built with world-class facilities, be it spacious library providing intimate space for students to social areas for the students to socialize. Considered to be a leading destination for the students planning to fly out to study abroad to acquire high-quality education and expand their career prospects with training from some of the best employers in the industry.

Final Thoughts

We hope by now you have a decision in mind with the university that caters to all your needs and is a perfect fit for you to witness your dreams to study abroad come true. The commitment to study abroad can be life-changing, leaving you overwhelmed with all the important decisions. Infinite Group is your one stop solution to all your study abroad needs, creating a thriving platform for the educational partners and recruiters to provide the best possible opportunities for students abroad.

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