Australia bracing back as the most-preferred study-abroad destination among international students

The global pandemic as we all are aware of impacted the flow of the international education system majorly, leaving a void of confusion among the students and authorities. However, as per our recent research, the statistics point towards Australia booming in the market back again by becoming the second most attractive study abroad destination among international students after Canada. 

 More than 11,000 prospective students align their future goals by choosing to study in Australia considering the surging career and employment opportunities the destination has to offer. The survey also predicted that Canada is still the top priority for students choosing overseas education with up to 27% of respondents optimistic about choosing to study in Canada and build a global future there. 

Over time, Australia has improved its career prospects along with other policies which allowed the destination to beat the queue and defeat the United States of America as it fell from 20% of respondents preferring to study in the USA to 18% now. 


  1. Top-quality Education 

If your focus as an international student is to receive a top-notch education and global exposure to mold your career, Australia should be your top pick. The destination offers an array of courses at top Australian Universities like ECA, University of Melbourne, Monash University, and others offering only what’s the best for students globally. 

2. Streamlined Visa Process

Australia is a stress reliever when it comes to student visas, making it convenient for students. In contrast to many other study-abroad destinations, this one has a very simple visa application process that puts you at ease. To go through this difficult procedure, students must undoubtedly meet a number of conditions, from demonstrating sufficient financial support to obtaining health insurance to applying for admission to an Australian university. Australia, which is renowned for its hospitality and easy admission, tops the list once again.

3. Easy Work Permit 

As per the recent regulations, international students are allowed to work for 40 hours per week which will in turn impulsify the opportunities, using the knowledge gathered will practically impose it. 

4. Affordable cost of Living 

The university is generous with the scholarships to guarantee students have only the best resources to help develop their career prospects, which just makes it perfect. The living costs in Australia are comparably lower than in the United States and the United Kingdom, which makes it even more convenient for them to choose their destination.

Top employers across the world prefer students with an international degree, especially from recognized institutions across the world. Australia is indeed a great kickstart for students commencing their professional journeys through the medium of overseas education. 

Considering the recent statistics, Australia is booming in the competitive industry with surging options for students to conquer their professional journeys and receive only what’s best for them. 

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