Ukraine medical courses- A leading choice among Indian students!


If you are following the news, you won’t deny that the Ukraine- Russia invasion has dragged the world into a state of anxiety, all baffled about what is going to happen next! The Indian government is desperately working on strategies to rescue thousands of Indian students stranded in Ukraine amidst the tense war situations. 

We cannot refrain from noticing how the majority of these students have a medical background, making Ukraine extremely popular among medical students. But the curious minds would definitely want the why now! 

Total number of Indian Medical Students in Ukraine 


Fees for the medical course in Ukraine 

15-22 lakh for 6 years 

Fees for the medical course in India 

60 lakh-1.1 crore in private colleges 

Total number of medical institutions in Ukraine 


Here are some reasons why Ukraine is known as the hub of medical students 

  1. Quality of Education 

Ukraine is home to the fourth-largest number of graduate and postgraduate specializations in medicine in Europe. Some of Ukraine’s state-run colleges are well-known for providing high-quality education, and Indian parents prefer to send their children to these medical institutions overpaying a large price for a lesser-known private medical Institution in India.

  1. Easy acceptance to the universities

One of the major reasons to choose Medical courses in Ukraine is that there are no criteria for the Entrance Exam. Students also mention that because English is the medium of teaching, it is easy for them to understand and that they do not have to worry about learning a new language as they would if they were in another country.

  1. Low fees as compared to India

It is not easy to get acceptance in government medical institutions pouring the burden of heavy cut-offs and extremely challenging entrance tests. Ukraine medical institutions offer more advantages to students in comparison to the private colleges here in India that come with a hefty fees structure. 

A six-year medical degree in Ukraine costs Rs 1.7 million, which is less than private medical colleges in India, and is a popular option for those who do not have satisfactory grades to enroll in publicly-funded Indian institutions.

  1. License to practice in India 


When students with foreign MBBS degrees return to India, they must sit with the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) administered by the National Board of Examinations to obtain a license to practice medicine in India.

Students can also consider study-abroad destinations like China, the Philippines, and Bangladesh for medical courses when it comes to academic excellence, global recognition of the degrees, and abundant opportunities. What makes these courses even more demanding is greater weightage given to practical knowledge over theoretical one. These institutions put students at ease, especially after the hustling eligibility criteria set by the Indian government institutions.

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