uk intake 2023

UK intake for international students 2023

The UK is home to scenic beauty and top-ranked universities. The UK attracts international students to migrate to the country. Universities in the UK have a historic reputation and credibility around the world. Universities of the UK emit a powerful essence to draw students to enroll themselves in  popular courses in the university.

International students migrating to the UK should have a fair idea about intakes. The student should have a piece of prior knowledge as to which course and for which university they are applying. Some universities prefer admitting students to a particular intake. So knowing about these intakes is essential.

How many intakes are there in the UK?

Unlike the US having three intakes, the universities in the UK have two main intakes: Fall intake and spring intake. Below is given a detailed account of the intakes available:

Spring Intake:

Spring intake is also commonly known as January or February intake. The spring intake runs from February to May. This intake is the second most common type of intake to which students like to get admitted. The application procedure for this intake begins in June and ends in September.

Merits of taking admission in spring intake:

Less competition: Few students apply for this intake which decreases competition for other students.

More chance to get admission: Since less number of students apply for this intake, so the chances of getting admission in the spring intake. Most of the students prefer to apply for fall intake.

Good preparation for IELTS: In most countries, the academic session ends in July or August. Students passing out in August will have more time to prepare for IELTS and chances of clearing IELTS will also increase.

No worries about a gap year: Students get terrified when they are not able to take admission in fall intake. So for these students, universities have come up with an idea to allow students to take admission in spring intake. This will save a year for students. 

Universities accepting applications for spring intake:

Fall Intake:

The session of fall intake begins in September and ends in February. This intake is most famous and attracts a large number of students to apply for this session. Almost all affordable universities in the UK accept an application for this intake. The application process begins in February and ends in May.

Merits of taking admission in Fall Intake:

Easy application and admission: Almost all universities are open for admissions, so the admission process is pretty simple.

Internships and jobs: The student admitted in the fall intake will have higher chances to get internships next summer.

Availability of your favourite course: All the courses are available for this intake since most of the students prefer to take admission in the fall intake.

Universities accepting applications for fall intake:

Which intake is better?

The question of which intake to choose always confuses students applying in the UK. So, let’s get started and evaluate which intake is better for international students.

Fall intake has a lot to offer to students in terms of courses and more opportunities. A student applying for fall intake will be happy to know that almost all the universities accept applications for this session. Spring intake saves a year of the student who failed to apply for fall intake. Even, students applying for spring intake have the advantage that they have more time to study for IELTS and they will be facing less competition.

It depends totally on the student who is aspiring to study in the UK. Both intakes have their own merits, and both intakes are better in their way. It depends on an individual as to which course and university they are applying for.

How to apply for fall or spring intake in the UK?

Select a course:  You should plan as to which course you will be applying for and to which university. Being a student, it is preferred to research everything.

Take English Proficiency exam: A student should prepare for English proficiency exams like IELTS or TOEFL. After giving the exam, you will get the result within a week. Now, apply to the universities.

Shortlist your application for the university you wish to apply to Get your letter of recommendation after applying for the university. Draft your SOPs to get selected by the university, and make sure your SOP is strong.

Notify the university:  In case, the university wants to take an interview then go for it. Finally, notify the university you will be taking admitted into about your arrival.

Paperwork and Visa: Get your paperwork done and assemble all the documents in one place to avoid the hassle.

Follow these steps to apply for different intakes in the UK. If you are applying for fall intake then try to wind up the process by July or August. On the other hand, students applying for spring intake should complete the application process by December end.

Documents required for intakes in the UK:

Some documents are required if you are applying to study abroad. Below is given the list of mandatory documents for application to the top universities for foreign students:

  • Application fee receipt
  • Application form
  • High school degree or certificate
  • 2-3 SOPs
  • Minimum of 3 LORs
  • CV or Resume
  • English proficiency test score


UK universities welcome international students to study in the UK. Universities in the UK open the admission process twice a year, i.e., for fall intake and for spring intake. Most of the prestigious and affordable universities in the UK are happy to accept applications in both intakes. Students applying for different must be conscious about the last of application for specific intake.

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