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Australian peak bodies ties with Indian Partners

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Leaders from Australian Universities joined a delegation with India as peak groups in Australia sought to strengthen connections with its counterparts there. The Group of Eight, an organization that represents Australia’s research-intensive universities, gave feedback to the Australia-India Education Qualifications Recognition Task Force about the idea which was first launched by the government’s earlier this year in an effort to improve economic, research, and educational cooperation with the goal to eventually acknowledge each other’s credentials.

 In an effort to “cement” Australian higher education’s position at the forefront of the nation’s trade agenda with India, the university’s chief executive visited India with business executives. The group cited India as the second-largest student source market, which accounted for 16.3% of admissions in 2022 and more than $6.4 billion in economic benefits from Indian students to Australia in 2019.

As international education stimulates Australia’s economy and enriches its social fabric, partnerships have both parties to gain. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute positively to their native countries when they return.There is a definite desire for education to play a bigger part in Australia and India’s relationship.High-quality education is in great demand, and Australia is prepared to work more closely with India to meet our shared educational objectives. Additionally, it will deepen close ties in research and education that will benefit both nations.This agreement between India and Australia will also help regional Australia with its labour and tourism needs. Young Indian Students will have access to 1,000 positions in the Work and Holiday Program. To keep up with a changing world, Australia needs skilled employees and more research and development. Australian universities and India will together help as education is already Australia’s largest export of services, and by forging closer ties with India, Australia will also  increase the significant contribution that India will make to their economy and social cohesion. Under the terms of this agreement, Australian universities and the Indian government have collaborated to produce the greatest results for institutions and for better economic growth of both the nations altogether.

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