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Important resources for students and recruiters about studying in the UK:

The United Kingdom is a global leader where thousands of international students wish to study. The rich culture and high academic standards make the country the most preferred destination. Students and recruiting agents would be happy to know that the country has various great opportunities to dive into. If a student has plans to pursue studies or a recruiting agent is looking to sharpen their skills in the United Kingdom, then they should be aware of some essential resources. These resources, or toolkit, will enlighten students and agents about the educational sector in the country. 

Why is the UK an ideal destination for study?

The students and recruiting agents believe that the UK is the perfect destination to study. Even so, agents see the UK as an ideal destination to study because of the strong B2B market for studying abroad. Check out the reasons listed below: 

  • Safety and security: The United Kingdom is a popular destination for study, and agents consider it a safe place to reside and study. 
  • High-quality education: The education system of the UK is highly valued by agents and students. There is no denying that the students are offered a higher quality of education. 
  • Worldwide Recognised Degrees: It is important to know that degrees that students acquire from the United Kingdom are widely accepted. 

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA):

The UK’s national advisory body, the UK Council for International Student Affairs, advises international students. This organisation is concerned with providing students with all kinds of information, from immigration facilities and fees to the orientation programme. To support international students on various aspects, UKCISA has provided students with a helpline and ambassador programmes. 

Even so, UKCISA provides support to international students in terms of attaining a high-quality education for greater student mobility. The UK Council for International Student Affairs has tried to promote opportunities for greater social mobility by leveraging technology. Further, for recruiting agents, UKCISA has come up with another way to promote mobility of international students to the UK. The way is easy, as it includes training days at almost all the universities and other educational institutions. The training from the university’s side will prove beneficial, as they will be able to continually strengthen the areas where they should support international students. 

Essential resources for students: 

Institutions in the UK furnish international students with all the details regarding their admission and application processes. All the details concerning the scholarship, eligibility criteria, and others are provided to students. These resources turn out to be beneficial for students as they get detailed information beforehand. 

The testimonials of students from different universities in the UK and their experiences are shared to help potential international students moving abroad know more. The resources made available to students are of utmost importance. These resources or toolkits include all the information, including the following: 

  • Admission Process
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • required educational qualification
  • Scholarships and their eligibility criteria
  • Fees and courses
  • Application procedure, and much more. 

Apart from these resources, students can also refer to the official websites of the respective universities. However, these resources are made available to ease the work of students who are planning to study in the country. 

Toolkit for Agents: 

There is a toolkit for agents that incorporates all the necessary information that is required for giving relevant information to students and their parents. 

Recruiting agents are provided with a toolkit, which is the basis of their information. The agents are in constant touch with the international students and their families. Being an agent, one should have all the latest knowledge about the country and its education sector. 

As per the latest information, recruiting agents keep the students informed about student safety and well-being, the process of filling out the application form, and the new graduate route. Since, each university has slightly different application process, so on the part of students information is required.  Moreover, these resources are the product of leveraging technology. 

Students, staff, and higher education institutions are supplied with a student-centered learning toolkit: 

Student-centered learning toolkits, as the name suggests, provide structured guidelines to students, staff, and higher education institutions. This learning toolkit is designed after years of extensive research and training. The toolkit gives a detailed insight into the principles, definitions, and how to put this learning toolkit into practise. 

Both institutional leaders and students are greatly benefited by this student-centered learning toolkit. Through this toolkit, everyone concerned with the international education sector gets an understanding of the international study system. 

Through leveraging technology, students are provided with the best student-centered learning toolkit. This toolkit focuses on making the student the centre of the teaching and learning process. When students are made the focus of the learning process, the learning becomes more active. wherein the role of the teacher is that of a passive instructor and students are an active part of the process. 

Mental health of students: 

In recent times, universities and certain mental health charities have focused on the mental health of students. As per the research, it is found that a student’s mind is capable of developing information and acquiring new knowledge. 

Students are provided with resource materials that help them improve their mental health. There are multiple organisations that provide students with essential workshops on peer-intervention support. Student’s accommodation needs are also fulfilled, as there is a value-added service to help students find the best place to reside. Multiple options are available to students to find the right accommodation. This service will ease the mental struggle of students to find a proper place of residence. 


The United Kingdom has a lot of opportunities for international students and recruiting agents. There are multiple bodies in the United Kingdom that provide toolkits and guidance to students and agents regarding the admissions process and culture of the country. All the resources made available to either students or recruiting agents are of great help. As the resources do not limit themselves to providing limited information, they touch every aspect of studying in the United Kingdom. 

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