Australia’s degree recipients have their qualifications recognised internationally

Australia is a highly preferred study destination for international students. Specifically, after Australia sanctioned the UNESCO Global Convention regarding the recognition of qualifications in relation to higher education, it became the most preferred country. This pact makes Australian degrees recognised internationally. This move from the government’s end is beneficial for students looking forward to doing a job or studying in the country.

However, the education system of Australia might be a secret to you. But, here, we are going to clear all your doubts relating to the education system and degrees that are widely accepted.

What are the benefits of acquiring a degree from Australia?

Unbelievable education system and highly experienced faculty at the Australian university count as one of the benefits of acquiring a degree from Australia. There are an abundance of benefits to acquiring them from Australia. The benefits are given below:

  • High-ranked university: Most of the universities available in Australia are highly ranked.
  • World-class education: Each university adheres to regulations set by the government, thus providing a world-class education.
  • Experienced faculty: The expert faculty at Australian universities becomes a reason why students opt to study there.
  • A vast pool of courses is available, including: Students have a wide range of choices available in terms of courses, out of which they can choose the best course for them.
  • Work opportunities: When a student graduates, they have a lot of different options for jobs.
  • Recognition of degrees: Even so, recognition of Australian degrees across the world makes it easy for students to move around the world. It increases the acceptability of students for jobs.

Quality of education:

The education imparted at Australian universities is highly valued and widely considered. The teaching and research faculties at the universities in Australia are aware of the latest trends in the education sector. With the education system of Australia, which is ranked third, the country maintains high standards of education. Through leveraging technology, universities in Australia provide quality education to students.

The government regulates every university to follow the guidelines and work towards student excellence. Anyone who is studying in Australia is assured of receiving a high-quality education. Even recruiting agents from around the world feel that Australia serves as the best B2B study abroad market.

Qualification Recognition:

In recent years, the Australian government has made changes to the recognition of qualifications. Let’s check out the information to find out which qualifications will be recognised for admission in Australia:

Qualification recognition for vocational courses:

Anyone who is planning to pursue a vocational course in Australia should have completed an education equivalent to that in Australia. For entry into vocational courses, an individual must have fulfilled the minimum academic qualifications. An individual needs to confirm with their education provider the required qualifications before enrolling.

Qualification recognition for undergraduate courses:

Australian higher education institutions accept different qualifications for undergraduate positions. Students can opt for an undergraduate course depending on different options:

Secondary schooling in Australia:

International students, who have already completed the 12th grade in Australia, will apply for admissions in the same way as Australian students do. Students should complete their Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education to gain an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or an overall position (OP). Basically, an ATAR or OP score is gained by an individual after graduating from senior secondary school in Australia. You will find that an ATAR score is necessary for your entry into the preferred course listed in the institution’s course catalogue.

Secondary schooling from another country other than Australia:

Anyone who has completed their 12th grade from outside Australia can often apply for Australian higher education. You are required to meet English language requirements to study in Australia. The requirement to study at a different institution will vary depending on the institution. Before applying to any university, kindly check whether the institution recognises the overseas school qualification that you have completed or not.

International Qualification:

Anyone who has completed their secondary school overseas and is planning to complete a bachelor’s degree from Australia might consider qualification for tertiary preparation, including the International Baccalaureate (IB). The IB is responsible for preparing students for a better and more global environment.

Qualification recognition for postgraduate courses:

To enter Australia for a postgraduate course, an individual is required to fulfil the minimum academic qualification criteria. As per the regulations, you should have graduated from a recognised institution. However, there are certain master’s degree courses an individual should have completed after their bachelor’s in the field. The qualifications and education required by an individual for post-graduate courses may vary according to different courses.

After graduating from any Australian university, students are assured that their degrees and qualifications will be recognised around the world. The entire education system of Australia is included under one national system, the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). AQF holds a standard for world-class education that is modern and provided by leveraging technology. Australia also has a system under which it can recognise degrees from other countries.

Australia and India signed a pact for mutually recognising degrees:

This year, India and Australia signed a pact for mutually recognising degrees. According to this pact, any Indian student will be able to easily move to Australia, and the same is possible for Australian students. The two countries have become strategic mutual partners in recognising each other’s degrees. Australia, taking this pact into consideration, is planning to invest 1.82 million dollars to enhance their courses and provide high-quality education to students.

Even so, the slow visa processing was the major cause of concern for international students. However, now the country has assured that they will process the visa faster.


Australia has currently come up with a system to recognise academic qualifications. Recipients holding degrees from Australia have their qualifications recognised around the world. Graduates from Australia have a sought-after future as the country provides quality education through leveraging technology. Australia is set to become a good B2B study abroad market. Further, the Australian universities have recognised international degrees to keep up with the standards as regulated by the government.

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