Good News: Covid Won’t pause the plans of International Students to Study Abroad says Agents

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Universities and education providers are assured that new testing measures for visitors from China will have a negligible effect on students from other countries as Beijing eliminates controls on outbound travel. To make it more convenient for students to go abroad, the Chinese government will soon start processing passport applications again after a pause during the pandemic.

However, as the number of Covid-19 infections in the community is on the rise, numerous nations have imposed new restrictions on incoming Chinese visitors. In order to enter nations like Australia, the USA, Canada, and the UK, Chinese students will now need to present negative Covid-19 results. Students are aware that communicable diseases are not spread abroad. Given the frequent policy changes, It is predicted that more students will decide to study abroad in the near future. The state of the economy is the only factor affecting the study abroad sector. Many Students these days are becoming more inclined in studying abroad, particularly for postgraduate courses, as a result of the high unemployment rate and economic fall-off.

Routine visa appointments were suspended in December at some US consulates in China due to rising infection rates, but they have already partially resumed, leading to good news for international students who want to pursue their master courses from abroad. Despite the increased examination criteria, it is expected that the relaxation of restrictions within China will help the education sector globally.

According to Reports, the recruitment travel from abroad is now feasible, and this will make college fairs more crucial for students and will enhance the potential to renew dormant recruitment channels for colleges who haven’t been able to come for three years. These changes help students afford their studies abroad by lowering their travel expenses and making it simpler for them to return home for the holidays to spend some time with their families. It is also predicted  that the reopening would be “extremely favorable” for the group of students seeking to enroll in universities at the start of the September academic year, while those with future plans are likely to act sooner. Students who are considering studying abroad for a while will gain from the reopening and resume their original plans. Institutions and firms will also benefit from the reopening as well, especially those who desire partnerships with international universities.

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