For students aiming for a top-notch education, international education has traditionally set the pace. But what we miss is how the student population is changing to study in various countries as a result of various growth causes. The United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and China have all been well-liked study abroad locations with significant annual student enrollment.

A recent report revealed that there are currently 1,324,954 Indian students studying abroad in 79 different countries, making up one of the largest diasporas in the world. Additionally, research demonstrated that, from the perspective of students from India, the most popular courses are broadly grouped into STEM courses, finance, and business.A separate OECD study revealed that in 2017–18, over 50% of international students studying in the US were doing so in the STEM sectors, with the percentage for Indian students being closer to 79 percent.

TOP 5 Preferred Courses that students choose for studying abroad.

  1. Business Studies
  2. Engineering 
  3. Health Care 
  4. Robotic and Artificial Intelligence
  5. Climatology and Energy Management

India’s expanding student population is encouraging for popular study-abroad locations. The  percentage of Indian students  enrolling in the UK climbed from 10% in 2019 to 19% in 2021, Indian students made up to 35% of all international students in Canada in 2021. Indian students continue to make up the second-largest international student population in both Australia and the US.

The most sought-after degrees for aspiring international students in India are in the STEM and business fields, although degrees in business analytics, data analytics, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and ecotechnology are rising in popularity.In order to do this, leaders in international education and solution providers must continuously enhance and expand the program options offered by their institutions while precisely identifying and meeting the demands of prospective students.

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