Agents demand set to ‘exceed’ pre-pandemic level

The results show a solid rebound in international student mobility, a large increase in recruitment support for online courses, and high expectations for 2023 despite the disruption in previous years.

A total of 73% of agents who responded said they had noticed an increase in interest in studying abroad, and the majority predicted that demand would continue to rise for all programme levels.

The majority of respondents (74% for graduate and MBA programmes, 74% for certificate/vocational diploma programmes, and 72% for foundation, route, and undergraduate programmes) anticipate development in this cycle.

Rising worldwide inflation was the major worry, according to 87% of agents, who also claimed that current students’ top issue was the cost of living.

As a result of client financial concerns, recruiters are increasingly providing financial services to assist them. In addition, 74% of agents said they assisted students with paying tuition fees, and 34% said they expanded their offering of financial products.

There is little doubt that consumers have more confidence in financial services and that regulators can support loans for students who want to emigrate. More possibilities for student financing could open up a lot of untapped markets outside of Asia, including those in Europe and Africa.

Despite some markets being affected by blocked borders or excessive demand, 88% of agents have formed new partnerships in the last two years as a result of varying their institutional portfolio and study abroad options.

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