Canada emphasis on diversity, access, belonging and pathways needed post pandemic.

Canada has been every student’s favorite even after the pandemic as highlighted by increasing enrollment numbers. However the pandemic did affect the country’s situations as well as the numbers after which their primary focus is on finding a balance. 

During a recent conference, presenters came up with a strategy focusing on social, economical, ethical and environmental factors to reimburse the damage caused by the global pandemic. CBIE, which was convened in person in Toronto this year for the first time since before the start of the epidemic, drew more than 1,000 delegates from over 40 nations.

The founder of inclusivity and diversity Campfire Kinship, opening statement at the conference was presented using storytelling’s potent influence as a method of culturally sensitive leadership. Shukla stated that leadership must go beyond merely “knowledge” and inspire “action” about issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. He did this by using empathy, curiosity, and respect as touchpoints.     

These ideas permeated all of the conference’s breakout sessions. J. Prospero de Vera, chair of the Commission on Higher Education, spoke on behalf of The Philippines and urged participants to support “initiatives that are egalitarian, sustainable, and accessible,” adding that “education is part of a common obligation.” Senior leaders in the Canadian sector agree that boosting diversification and creating a more accessible and sustainable future for international education in Canada are difficult tasks.  

Former international students from Canada who obtained post-graduate employment in the area of global education gave their opinions on the educational process, career options, and employability in the country. Displaced academics and students were a problem that was discussed at the conference. A group of representatives from the Ukrainian ministry of education and academics from Ukrainian universities presented ideas for potential international collaboration prospects.

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