Ireland’s Ministry Declares That Delayed Projects for Affordable Student Housing Will Be Launched.

The housing situation for international students in Ireland is still a problem, and many say it has even had a negative impact on their mental health. The Department reported that the Minister and his staff are drafting a policy that, among other things, calls for the State to contribute to the cost of building beds for students. The policy will also put an emphasis on releasing the projects that have been put on hold in order to provide students with affordable rent.

In exchange for target students paying affordable rents, the State would for the first time help with the cost of establishing student housing beds and unlocking delayed projects. The Department devoted to student housing has been established, and detailed work is presently progressing in this area, the spokesman said.

An investigation by the Irish Council for International Students found that 66% of international students in Ireland claimed to have poor mental health as a result of having trouble locating housing (ICOS).In addition, more than one in ten students reported falling victim to a scam when seeking for housing, with only 28% reporting they had reported the incident.

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