Finland Welcomes a Record Number of International Students.

According to a news statement from the Finnish Immigration Service, a record number of international students have enrolled at Finnish higher education institutions this year.Finland granted residence permits to 7,060 non-EU applicants between January and October 2022. This was an increase of 54% from 2021, when 4,595 candidates were approved for a residence visa based on study.

Immonen added that the labor deficit in Finland can be lessened by the presence of international students,who now have it simpler to come to Finland according to legislation that went into effect in April. Under the new law, these students can now be granted a residence visa that is valid for the duration of their studies, which simplifies the process of applying for one.

These significant reforms, which also include awarding residency permits to family members of students in Finland, have made it easier for graduates to get jobs in the nation. With the modifications, families of students are more likely than in previous years to apply for a resident permit in the nation. International students have only been granted residence permits by the Finnish government for a maximum of two years at a time in the past.

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