Indian students who had their studies interrupted in Ukraine can resume their studies there, according to a Russian diplomat.

Indian students whose studies were interrupted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24,2021, according to Russian Consul General Oleg Avdeev, are welcome to study in Russia because the curricula are identical to those in Ukraine.

“Due to the nearly identical medical curriculum in Russia, Indian students who left Ukraine can continue their education there” (as Ukraine). Since the majority of people in Ukraine speak Russian, they are familiar with the local tongue. They are very welcome in Russia, according to Oleg Avdeev, who was mentioned by the Economic Times.The number of students requesting scholarships in Russia has been rising, according to him, and there is an “upward tendency” when it comes to foreign students in Russia.

More than 800 international medical students, mostly from India and Africa who were enrolled at Sumy State University, were stranded there earlier this year.In 2020, a total of 76,548 international students enrolled in Ukrainian universities, per data from the Ukrainian State Center for International Education. The majority of these students came from India (18,095), followed by Morocco (8,832), Turkmenistan (5,322), Azerbaijan (4,628), Nigeria (4,227), China (4,055), and Turkey (3,999), among other countries.

Universities all over the world have opened their doors to Ukrainian students who were expelled from their home country as a result of the conflict and invited them to complete their studies there.

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