Full-Time Visa Students have increased by 15.5% at Atlantic Canada’s Universities.

An increase in the number of international students has been seen in Atlantic Canada’s universities during the 2022/23 academic year after conducting a survey by the Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU), which indicated a significant rise in 16 universities across the Atlantic region and West Indies.

According to preliminary statistics for 2022/23, the number of full-time visa students enrolled overall by 15.5 percent during the most recent academic year, or by nearly 3,000 students, from 18,884 to 81,506 students.

There are now 81,506 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full-time, an increase of about 3 percent from 79,250. In addition, the survey discovered that the number of full-time graduate students has increased annually by 5.7%, or by 621 individuals. In other words, from 79,250 to 81,506 graduates, there are now more full-time graduate students.

Prof. Dawn Russell, president and vice chancellor of St. Thomas University, stated that the university’s dedication to policies, program and collaboration that prioritize students as an integral part of every university member of the Association of Atlantic Universities is well understood by students and their families.

Data showed that although the number of students at Memorial University of Newfoundland climbed by 15.7%, to 4,338, the number of international students at the University of Prince Edward Island increased by 7%, reaching 1,703 visa students.

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