Australian Universities request the government to offer internships to 100,000 international students.

Australian universities have urged the government to intervene and provide up to 100,000 international students with internships and job placements.As per the Australian University Sector, Australian Defence Force may offer significant employment across the industry to help students gather the right exposure to excel in their career. 

According to a press release from the group, Australia’s Defense Force, defense companies, and ancillary sectors are all experiencing a skill gap, with the cyber security sector likely to have 30,000 vacancies by the end of the year.The highest body has suggested methods that colleges might partner with the military to increase the flow of highly qualified people that are needed to expand capacity and keep the nation safe.

Australia’s universities have suggested the following:

  1. Looking for new funding options for students pursuing degrees in disciplines necessary for the country’s defense.
  1. Giving students the chance to participate in internships or other industry-integrated learning opportunities to understand what it’s like to work in defense. 
  1. Reviewing the requirements for defense internship eligibility, easing the transition from non-degree workers to degree-seeking students in defense-related sectors
  1. Expanding research collaborations between regional institutions and the Defense

The government’s investment in defense personnel, according to Jackson, might benefit from the addition of more engineers, intelligence, and cyber professionals, who are in “desperate need” in Australia.In order to assist universities’ ongoing efforts to strengthen Australia’s defence and keep people safe and secure, Universities Australia stated they look forward to continuing to cooperate with the government and the sector. 

In a media release, the organization said that skills shortages are affecting many areas of Australia’s Defence Force, defense industries, and complementary sectors, with the number of unfilled positions in cybersecurity sector expected to reach 30,000.

The peak body has provided ways universities can collaborate with defense to increase the flow of skilled workers who are in demand to increase capacity and keep the country safe.

In a statement, Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson said that universities support the initiatives that would help them to offer education to more skilled workers who are needed for the nation’s defense.

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