The government of New Zealand is developing a unique plan to alleviate the worries of Indians.

Authorities are now developing a unique plan to alleviate the worries of Indian students. Despite the fact that both Australia and New Zealand claim to have huge immigrant populations that include thousands of students, the former has had more success, with 96,000 Indian students coming to the country up until July 2022.

Despite a 63% rise in first-time visas (from 800 to 1600) for Indian students in New Zealand in 2019, the country’s Covid restrictions and tight borders made it impossible for many Indian students, who met numerous challenges.

S. Jaishankar, the Indian minister of external affairs, and Nanaia Mahuta, her New Zealand colleague, discussed the issue in October 2022. He demanded improved care for Indian students who were afflicted by the Covid pandemic.The New Zealand government will take particular steps to allay the worries of Indian students, according to Andrew Craig, Manager of Immigration (Skills and Residence) Policy, Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (MBIE).

The job choices accessible to international students enrolled in low-level courses have recently been restricted as part of changes to New Zealand’s post-study work visa legislation. Unless they decide to work in courses related to jobs on the Green List. The Green List contains highly qualified employment that are currently in demand in New Zealand and those that have a clear road to permanent residency. These roles predominantly service the medical, engineering, and information technology fields.

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