International students in Uganda are at the risk of expulsion. 

Uganda is facing a crisis as the destiny of 16,000 students is at stake after the authorities passed orders to the county’s ministry of internal affairs to follow a legal procedure ensuring that all the students residing in the country have legalized student visas to pursue education. 

As per the authorities, students are living illegally in the country and its high time necessary actions should be taken to curb the situation. 

According to Ugandan law, any prospective student enrolling in a university must register with the immigration office. The authorities quoted “We are informing educational institutions of this duty, according to Geoffrey Kambere, Uganda’s Commissioner for Immigration”

A recent survey claimed that somewhat 20,000 students have been hosted illegally by schools and universities in Uganda and are not even regularized to reside in the country. The government authorities claim that the procedure for applying for student visas has been streamlined making it convenient and feasible for students abroad. There is now no need to physically visit the immigration offices as the procedure can be completed by submitting the documents online. 

Authorities are now dedicated to complying with the laws of the authorities which is to bifurcate the list of students to legally abide by the laws and make it easier for the authorities as well for the institutions. 

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