Global Affairs Canada warns to monitor the data after uncapping the working hours for the international students

Canada has uncapped the number of working hours for international students, allowing them to work part-time while pursuing their studies to create an impact on students’ exposure as well as the country’s economy. 

However, the authorities are also contemplating on the drawbacks of the uncapped working hours which might have negative consequences, distracting students from focusing on their education. The government bodies outcast their indecisiveness towards this policy and strictly claim to observe the policy before making a policy. 

The agenda behind uncapping the working hours was to allow students to handle their finances amidst catering a solution to the labor shortage the country was facing. However, the authorities say that they are not really sure that the decision is healthy enough to deal with the labor shortage as it could jeopardize the future of the students. 

According to Davidson, “We want them to have the experience and value proposition that Canadian students enjoy.” “Canadian students frequently work in low-wage occupations. Additionally, Canadian students temporarily fill labor shortages. We all have tales about the work we accomplished while we were undergraduates, and those are crucial as well.

During a press conference, when asked if students work part-time while pursuing education, all of them voluntarily raised their hands. The authorities are now working rigorously to see if the policy is worth further extension and is not hampering the future of the students after which they will take their final decision. 

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