Good News for the students pursuing education in Spain!

Spanish Authorities have decided to increase the number of working hours for the students to 30 hours per week as they consider making changes in the immigration policy. 

The policy is reserved for students from Ecuador currently pursuing their education in Spain. Students are now filled with a ray of optimism as the new laws and regulations can majorly impact their professional journey by not just aiding their financial needs but also helping to gather the right amount of exposure needed to excel in the industry. 

As per Andrés Vallejo (the ambassador of Ecuador in Spain) claims that the decision which will be implemented soon will be a great weapon for students to support themselves financially as well as help the educated migrants to bring necessary developments in the society. 

The new policy would guarantee streamlined procedures for individuals who seek to work in Spain and would also address the needs of thousands of qualified professionals who are presently employed there.

After Canada uncapping the number of working hours for international students, Spain is the next in line to soon implement the new regulations and help students progress professionally and attain exposure along with top-notch education, resulting in career development for the students. 

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