Public Relations (PR) courses in Australia

In recent years, Australia has become a booming hub for international students. Students looking for an affordable study destination should consider going here. The Australian government and universities are welcoming international students for different courses, including public relations.

Students in public relations courses learn how to speak in public and express themselves. Public relations is all about managing information between private and public spaces on professional grounds on behalf of an organization. Students planning to get a degree or diploma in public relations will acquire versatile knowledge in public speaking and communication.

Why study PR courses in Australia?

Public relations courses are one of the most popular in Australia. In the public relations degree program, students specialize in oral and written communication. Public relations experts work closely with media professionals by distributing press releases to generate publicity.

Graduates in public relations are offered a wide range of career prospects, including those as publicists, campaign managers, media planners, press secretaries, event organizers, and many more. But why should someone pursue public relations courses in Australia? Check out the reasons below:

  • High-quality PR courses: Australian universities are focused on providing high-quality public relations courses to international students. Most of the universities are rated highly by the authority.
  • A degree that is known all over the world: A PR degree from Australia is well known all over the world. Students with a PR degree from Australia are more likely to get hired by a well-known company.
  • Practical experience: Unlike traditional universities, Australian universities focus on giving students experience in the real world. The provision of practical experience helps students focus more on their studies.
  • Live and study in safe environment: Students can live and study in a safe place if they take any course, including PR courses, within the borders of Australia. A lot of student support services are also there to guide and help students while they are there.
  • More employment opportunities: The popularity of PR courses in Australia makes them a popular course among students. Nowadays, multiple companies run around hiring a public relations expert to maintain the goodwill of the company. At the same time, companies want effective verbal and written communication on the professional grounds for which they hire PR.

Top courses for public relations in Australia:

Public relations is a broader field under which multiple courses pop up. Students, according to their interests and passions, choose the best field to pursue their education. However, the focus of a public relations degree is to teach students how to deliver information on behalf of an organization or some public figure.

Below are some of the top courses that students opt for in the field of public relations:

  • Master of International Relations: This master’s degree is all about contemporary international relations, international governance and law, and international security.
  • Master of Public Relations and Advertising: This is a postgraduate degree that takes two years and focuses on communication and advertising. The degree will give you in-depth knowledge of planning and research.
  • Graduate Diploma of Public Relations: It is a one-year full-time public relations course. As a part of this program, you will study key research methods in the communication field.
  • Public Relations Major: The Public Relations Major offers dynamic exposure to students in the field of public relations. Practitioners in the field engage effectively with customers, partners, and the wider community.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Communication, and Public Relations: Australian universities offer B.A.s in Journalism, Communication, and Public Relations to strengthen their communication skills.
  • Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations: This course is concerned with developing and advising organizations on how to build relations with other organizations for the purpose of enhancing those relationships. A student completing a in public relations will have an advantage as their bachelor’s degree will be focused on a specific field.
  • Masters of Media (Strategic Communication): Masters of Media in strategic communication equips students with the know-how of professional communication and public speaking.
  • in Public Relations: A bachelor’s degree in Commerce in Public Relations will create a solid foundation and give you an understanding of professional communication. Further, the course will allow you to maintain the goodwill of the company in the market.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Public Relations Studies): This course will give you over and out in-depth information relating to the Bachelor of Arts and public relations studies. The course will cover wide-ranging topics in both fields.

Subjects covered in public relations (PR) courses:

Public relations courses cover wide-ranging topics to strengthen a student’s knowledge of communications and public speaking. While pursuing a degree in public relations, you will cover the following topics:

  • Media Relations
  • Media Writing 
  • Public Opinion and Propaganda
  • Communication Laws and Ethics
  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Advanced Public Relations
  • Crisis Management

Studying the above topics makes an individual an expert in the field. Apart from giving theoretical knowledge to students, universities expose them to practical knowledge too. Practical knowledge is delivered to students through internships. The main motive behind giving students practical experience is to prepare them for the future.

Best universities offering Public Relations (PR) courses in Australia:

Many private and public universities in Australia offer public relations (PR) courses to international and national students. An individual can refer to the following universities for pursuing Public Relations courses:

  1. RMIT University
  2. University of Wollongong
  3. Deakin University
  4. University of Technology, Sydney
  5. University of New South Wales
  6. The University of Melbourne
  7. The University of Adelaide

All the universities above hold good QR Rankings.       


Public relations courses are popular among students, and Australia is the most favorable destination to study PR courses. The focus of Australian universities is on providing high-quality education that attracts international students to study there. Each course at an Australian university is designed to provide students with deep practical and theoretical knowledge. Pursuing a PR degree from Australia is always beneficial as it expands your career prospects.

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