Up to €5 billion is contributed to the French economy by international students.

According to a Campus France survey, international students contribute €5 billion to France’s economy, which has a favorable influence. The Impact of International Students in France survey, which looked at geographic origin, study level, the advantages of government scholarships, and the different kinds of higher education institutions, was completed by 9,992 international students studying in France.

The tremendous impact on  International Students in France survey, which was completed by 9,992 international students studying in France, looked at factors such as country of origin, study level, advantages of government scholarships, and types of higher education institutions.

North Africa accounted for 32% of all students arriving in France, closely followed by sub-Saharan Africa (24%); Europe accounted for 20% of the international student population, followed by Asia and Oceania with 16% each, and the Americas with 8%.The importance of jobs to the studies of overseas students in France was one of the survey’s most striking findings; nearly half of those polled indicated they held jobs while studying there.

According to the survey, the majority of students claim that having “paid activities,” such as student employment, is “important to fulfilling their expenditures.” 34% of those polled stated they frequently worked to pay for their schooling.

Over three-quarters of the cohort who participated in funding studies acknowledge financial support from family and siblings, while just under half noted personal savings.

46% of respondents named CAF, which is the French version of social security, but just 18% indicated they relied on scholarships from either the French government or their countries of origin.

Taking into account their own spending, tuition, and other costs explicitly associated with their education, students directly benefit the economy to the tune of €1.35 billion.

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