College students in Florida are more likely than those in New York to struggle with housing, according to statistics.

According to a recent survey, Florida has the greatest percentage of students who experience housing instability when compared to other US states, with 29% of students claiming they have nowhere to live.

While New York is recognised for being very populous and having housing issues, the poll by the student loyalty network Student Bean in September 2022, which included 3,595 college students in the US, indicated that the housing insecurity rate among students there is the lowest. In New York, only 13% of college students said they had unstable housing.

Furthermore, such difficulties were acknowledged by 26% of Texas college students.

Only 13% of students in this state reported having home insecurity issues, according to a study by Student Bean, despite New York’s well-known reputation in the housing insecurity discourse.

The percentage of students that struggle with accommodation is as follows in other areas:

  • Georgia: 24 percent
  • California accounts for 21%.
  • 20 percent for Illinois
  • State of North Carolina: 17%
  • State of Pennsylvania: 14%
  • 14 percent in Ohio
  • 13 percent is in Michigan.

Will Harris, Chief Strategy Officer at Student Beans, commented on the poll results and suggested that students from disadvantaged groups who are wary of the competitive rental market would find it difficult to find housing.

800,000 students in the US were compelled to couch-surf with their classmates because they couldn’t find a place to stay, with the majority of them being female students. According to the data, female students were three times as likely than male students to couch surf with friends.

However, 45 percent of the students who took the survey claimed they had to move back in with their parents, while a small number (5%) of respondents stated they preferred to remain in hotels or Airbnb accommodations (4 percent).

A further 4% of people choose to sleep in their cars, and 1%, or 200,000 students across all US states, spent time sleeping on the streets or in homeless shelters while attending college.

With 62 percent of students considering leaving college owing to housing insecurity, a lack of housing has even led to thoughts of dropping out of university in certain students.

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