The impact of Visa Delay still affects major study abroad destinations.

The Visa processing has been majorly impacting the future of students planning to study abroad in a negative way, delaying the future of many. Students who intend to Study in Canada are the ones most affected due to the adversity of the Visa situations the country is currently facing. 

A recent survey conducted by Navitas Agent Perception, interviewing thousands recorded the results of 900 agents who patted UK for being the strongest performer in terms of it’s Visa processing when 78% agents sent a feedback of good/very good as per the global head of Insights and Analytics at Navitas- Jon Chew. 

Many students planning to study in the UK are majorly attracted because of the fast visa processing time the country is offering in comparison to others. Another interesting finding that came out all along is that Canada has gone from bad to worse by receiving only 32% feedback as good and 40% as poor/very poor. With Australia’s minor improvement and the US’ slight decline, the two nations “essentially remain on track at 59% and 52% good/very good, respectively.”

This year’s early “substantial” student visa processing delays, according to the International Education Association of Australia, have “come at the worst possible time for Australia’s struggling international education sector. “Although the industry has welcomed the addition of 500 more visa employees, there are still worries about teams that process visas without much experience.

The authorities point towards work pressure as one of the major reasons for the delays and are dedicatedly working to improve the situation in order to improve the conditions for many students whose futures are at stake. 

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