In 2023, Finland’s university students will pay higher healthcare costs.

University Fees in Finland are increasing for Healthcare-students as announced by the government. “Students will now pay €73.60 or €36.80 per term in 2023 to use the healthcare services in the country. The costing will increase by €2 as compared to 2022 inorder to improve the services catered by this sector for the students planning to study abroad in 2023.  

“To boost service accessibility, the charge will rise by EUR 2 from 2022 to 2023. The cost for an unattended appointment and the late payment fee won’t alter, as per a press statement quoted during the release of price alteration from November 12, 2022.

To add on to the statement, the government said those who want to receive the services but are unable to pay by the due date will be charged an additional €5 as a penalty and €40 for those who will not attend the appointment. 

The decision will not have an impact on students from other EU or EEA nations, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland because their healthcare access costs will remain the same. They will keep using the Finnish Student Health Service as they always have.

Majority of students were attracted towards studying in Canada, Australia and the UK but after rigorous changes in the healthcare system of Finland, there is a paradigm shift in the decision making of students planning to opt for overseas education. 

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