International students in Finland gain residency- creates a positive impact!

Finland’s enrollment number has seen an increment due to multiple reforms introduced in the educational system. 7,060 students were seen applying for the first-time residence permits ever since January after a new law was introduced by the government. It was a 54% increase from the previous years as students considered Finland to be a leading nation especially after the reforms it introduced. 

After interviewing the students, pointers indicated towards Finland as an attractive destination for the students, providing tremendous opportunities to the students to grow and learn. The number of courses offered is significantly higher than in past years, and recruitment is also increasing, according to Joanna Kumpula, a senior specialist in international student recruiting at Tampere University.

The authorities say that they have hired more people on the project which means better prospects are curated for the students forging global exposure and overall development. According to Elina Immonen, the deputy director general of the Finnish Immigration Service, the number of new international students has “substantially” increased overall, even when compared to pre-Covid.

Immonen asserted that international students are a solution to Finland’s labor shortage. Despite the volume of new applications, it was also stated that the processing times for visas had not changed “considerably,” with students receiving their first decisions on average in 20 days as opposed to 18 days last year.

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