More and More students investing in European education due to higher tuition fees in United States

Due to the high tuition fees in the United States, more American students are choosing to attend institutions in Europe. According to Bloomberg, the number of American students studying in France climbed by 50% from the academic year of 2020–21 while the number of students choosing to study in the Netherlands increased by 16%. The source also claims that there has been a 28% increase in American students enrolled in UK higher education institutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic, according to Kristin Hamaker, director of growth management at Beyond the States, a company that provides consulting services on English-taught colleges in Europe, has increased students’ interest in studying abroad.

College textbook costs have increased for students as well; according to research, the cost of these materials at public four-year colleges in 2020 was $1,275 yearly. Since 1978, the price of textbooks and materials has climbed by 812%.In contrast, numerous European nations either waive or significantly reduce the cost of tuition for students. International students can attend numerous universities for free in Germany, while they must pay €2,770 a year in France.At prestigious universities in the UK, undergraduate tuition is approximately £35,000 ($40,516).

Norway continues to be one of the few nations where international students are not required to pay for university, according to a proposal made by the Norwegian Ministry of Education last month.

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