Ukrainian students are not as high as expected in Germany as per recent survey reports. 

According to data from the German Academic Exchange Service, the University of Mannheim initially forecasted that at least 100,000 Ukrainian students would come to Germany to study, but the actual number is already slightly around 30,000. Nearly one-third of the 30,000 total students are foreigners who came to Ukraine to study before the conflict.

Germany has approximately 416,437 international students residing in the country and most of them are from China. There are other top study-abroad destinations that are actively sending students to Germany like Austria, Syria, and Russia. 

Another interesting finding that came from the research was that 1 out of every 5 students who applied to study in Germany, enrolled for the course of Music Academies followed by other popular courses like Engineering, Law, and Economics. Social Sciences and last but not the least Mathematics. 

The authorities reportedly suggest that the number of Ukrainian students applying to study in Germany is not that large and one of the reasons for the same is that they have to qualify with their language skills. 

Prior to the war, Ukraine was a well-liked study-abroad location and much popular among students considering overseas education. According to data from the Ukrainian State Center for International Education, 76,548 international students enrolled in Ukrainian institutions in 2020, and most of them come from countries like India, Morocco, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, China, Turkey, and more.

However, the country is working consistently to improve conditions to attract more and more international students to choose Germany as their study-abroad destination by working on disparities like language barriers, visa conditions, and many others. 

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