The University of Sheffield Introduces Program to Support Academics Affected by the War in their home country. 

The University of Sheffield announces a support scheme to help those who have been affected by the losses of war by providing them the support of continuing their education or research at the university. 

Under the scheme launched, academics who successfully qualify for the criteria will be granted a Visiting Researcher, which implies that these criteria-qualified individuals can now legally stay in Sheffield for up to 12 months and continue their work. 

A deadline of 13th November 2022 has been provided to the academics in order to submit their applications and complete their pending research work at the university. 

According to Malcolm Butler, director of global engagement at the University of Sheffield, the program is the newest component of the university’s assistance program for refugees, which also includes scholarships, global partnerships, and direct support for local communities in Sheffield.

Not only academic support is provided to the refugees but also accommodation needs are catered to by the authorities. The fitness department of the university made their point to the refugees that they are free to seek support and access sports facilities for free just by showing their ASSIST card. 

This year, Sheffield awarded nine students with scholarships to study there. The scholarships covered their complete tuition as well as £9,840 for living expenses over the course of the year.

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