Australia to rebate Visa Application Fees to curb the prevailing labour shortage

Continuing the generosity, the Australian government has now decided to rebate the visa application fees to promote more and more international students to enter the country. Prime Minister Scott Morison anticipates overcoming the prevailing labour shortage causing hefty losses to the Australian economy. 

  • International students are currently charged $630 in visa application fees while working holidaymakers are charged $495.
  • For the next eight weeks, international students will have their $630 visa expenses waived or refunded. 
  • The charges will be waived for up to twelve weeks for working holiday makers and backpackers.

The Australian Prime Minister stated in public interest claiming to rebate the visa application fees for all the international students starting from 19th January 2022 (Wednesday).

Furthermore, he requested students to offer support to flourish the Hospitality and Agriculture sector with many others which are in dire need of labour. A $3 million Tourism Australia marketing campaign is launched aiming at the two groups, to encourage them to visit Australia.

Australia continues to grapple with the frightening omicron wave, witnessing a huge labour shortage. As people deal with COVID-19, health experts and hospital systems, abattoirs, truck drivers, and agriculture industries noted a gap in the workers. 

Laying the welcome mat forward, Australia is ready to face the rigorous effects of the new covid variant through international students to the rescue. Keeping the optimistic cap on, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg hoped that International students would act as a shield to the prevailing crisis in Australia. 

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