How “Scope For Change” Is changing lives of Underprivileged Students

World NGOs Day falls on 27th February every year which commemorates the victory of bright minds who keep the needs of community above themselves. On this occasion, Infinite Group took a step forward to hearing back from our prolonged Partner NGO ” Scope for Change ” on their journey of serving the community. 

Perminder Singh Malik (President), Rakesh Kumar Rana (Vice President), Ramneet Kaur (Trustee), and Sudesh Kumari (Trustee) joined hands to sow the seeds for the upliftment of society in 2020. “Scope for Change” is running to fulfil its mission of “saving humanity and the planet with every little effort we can put through our helping hands.”

Scope for Change is working on laying out a platform for students so that more people can recognize them with their skills. The skills which we are focusing on are more related to their career and life rather than just academics. The training in the vocational and cognitive sectors can provide them with a sleight of hand to create new things with which they can be self-dependent.

‘Scope for Change’ carries beautiful learning which later became their inspiration to blossom flowers of service in their surroundings. They are encouraged by Guru (Guru Granth Sahib) to perform Sewa or Selfless Service. While serving the community, one can also enhance their morale. 

|| You shall find peace, doing sewa ||

The quote cited above explains why they are inspired to serve and uplift the community. Even, the name of their organization “Scope for Change” has an enlightening view which is reflected in their organization’s name too. They hold a strong view of uprising change in humanity since they believe that there is always a scope for positive changes in the surroundings. The upliftment in the graph can be witnessed by the upbringing of students’ education, upliftment in social welfare, contributing to a better & safe environment, training students in cognitive skills, and resolving their health issues by giving them the best medical guidance. 

However, in their way to serve the best of the community, they faced certain obstructions. Scope for change feels that challenges like lack of funds and delayed volunteer commitment are the major roadblocks to serving the community. The organization can run smoothly, but things are still pending due to a lack of funds. On the other hand,  many volunteers commit to providing services on a regular basis but they fail to do so, which sometimes worsens the situation for them. 

Gurbani guide them throughout their way as it highlights ~

|| One who performs selfless service, without thought of reward, shall attain his Lord and Master.||

The spiritual enlightenment by Gurus helped Scope for Change to follow its vision wisely to eliminate these roadblocks and provide the community with the services they deserve. Since they are afraid of taking any challenge for the betterment of society, they started up SFC Learning Center in Nov 2021 by collaborating with a school in Tilak Vihar. Though certain challenges including lack of infrastructure, limited teaching staff, and disagreement on setting up a computer lab arose which led to the closure of the SFC Learning Center, they backfired. Scope for Change resumed with their Learning Center in March 2022. 

They launched a program “Hamein Padhao Hamein Badhao” in March 2022 with 20 students and now they have a total strength of 120 students. These steps are helpful for them to boost their vision of “becoming a beacon of sustainable and empowered civil society by educating students on various domains and about saving the environment & enhancing their skills.” Lastly, Scope for change is happy to join hands with Infinite Group. We don’t like boasting, but this is what, Mr. Perminder Malik from Scope for Change has to say, Our students really enjoyed activities done by you (Infinite Group) with games like Creative thinking, Anger Management, Confidence build up, soft skills, Brainstorming, etc., which really boosted morale of our students & team too.

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