You can change to this UK work visa even before you complete your undergraduate studies.

The eligibility requirements for the UK’s skilled worker visa have changed, making it simpler for international students already residing in the nation to cross over.According to the revised regulations, candidates can now apply for the skilled worker visa without having a degree-level qualification. Without having to finish their degree, students who are able to obtain a job offer from a business recognised by the Home Office can apply to convert from the student route to the skilled worker route immediately.

A skilled worker visa requires that you:

  • Work for a UK employer who has received Home Office approval
  • Possess a “certificate of sponsorship” from your employer detailing the job offer you received in the UK
  • Perform a work that is listed among the qualifying professions
  • Receive a minimum wage; the amount depends on the work you accomplish.
  • Additionally, you must be able to speak, read, write, and comprehend English. 

If you are currently in the UK, you cannot convert to this visa:

  • on a visit visa
  • on a short-term student visa
  • on a Parent of a Child Student visa
  • on a seasonal worker visa
  • on a domestic worker in a private household visa
  • on immigration bail
  • because you were given permission to stay outside the immigration rules, for example on compassionate grounds

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