The Labour Force Survey claims that in November 2022, Canadian employment increased by 10,000 jobs.

According to Statistics Canada’s most recent Labour Force Survey (November 2022), women between the ages of 25 and 54 (considered to be of core working age) saw an increase in employment of 0.4%.

The most recent job results of recent Canadian immigrants are of particular interest, especially in light of the fact that Canada’s most recent Immigration Levels Plan (2023-2025) declared record-high immigration targets over the next few years. In November 2022, the employment rate for core working-age women immigrants to Canada over the previous five years was 69.7%. For newly arrived Canadian women of prime working age, this reflects the greatest employment rate in November in the previous 16 years.

In November 2022, the overall employment rate for Canadians who are core working-age increased by 0.8% year over year (YOY), reaching 84.7%, Core-aged women drove this increase. The employment rate for this category has increased to 81.6%, breaking the previous record high of 81.4% achieved in May 2022. Now at 87.8%, the employment rate for men in the core working age group.

Looking at Canadian employment more broadly, 10,000 additional jobs were added nationwide in November 2022. Canada’s 5.1% national unemployment rate decreased by 0.1 percentage points. In November, Canada’s employment participation rate decreased as well, at 64.8%.

The “average hourly salaries of employees stayed above 5% for a sixth consecutive month in November, up to $32.11” from November of 2021, despite this very modest increase in employment. This would imply that immigrants will continue to have greater employment options in Canada as well as rising earning potential over time.

In November 2022, there were 10,000 more jobs in Canada, according to the Labor Force Survey.

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