Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan has been called unfaithful and blocked by the US Judge.

The loan forgiveness law announced by Joe Biden has been blocked by the Federal Judge, claiming that it is unlawful and hence needs condemnation. The program has been seriously criticized and called unconstitutional by Mark T. Pittman- US District Court Judge. After a complaint filed by six Republican-led states at the 8th US Circuit Court, the program was put on halt leaving the authorities clueless and shocked. 

Following the statement, the White House strongly disagrees with the decision made by the district court and has now informed that the Department of Justice will file a complaint. According to a statement from White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the Department of Education will keep the data of 26 million borrowers who have been considered for the debt relief program, with 16 million applications that are already approved, so that it can immediately provide them with relief after winning the legal battle.

Following the controversy, U.S Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona has said that the program is highly lawful and vital for borrowers and working families to receive some relief from the pandemic, ensuring that the burden of repayments is removed from their shoulders. 

Additional measures will still be taken to address the long-standing student loan forgiveness issues as well as to hold schools accountable for leaving students in significant amounts of debt and failing to provide the training necessary to find rewarding employment opportunities- adds  Cardona. Earlier the numbers announced by the White House were 26 million were the ones who already applied and somewhat 16 million students have already received the approval for the request. 

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