The labor shortage in Canada has forced the communities to take necessary measures by embracing immigration and hiring an increasing number of individuals to fill multiple positions available. As per immigration, levels plan announced by Sean Fraser, approximately 465,000 and 485,000 permanent residents will be hired in 2022 and 2023 respectively. The plan intends to introduce new developments for the businesses by catering new talents worthy of contributing long-term successes and inducing new changes by making excellent crucial pledges to vulnerable people escaping violence, war, and persecution,” the government of Canada claims.

International students have been widely useful for contributing towards major economic progress in the country keeping in mind this scheme was introduced. 2021 saw the entry of approximately 405,000 newcomers, making it the most successful year in the history of student enrollments. According to Fraser, the immigration plan this year will widely help business in making the progress it was longing for. 

Nearly 622,000 people with study permits were present in the nation at the end of 2021 as a result of the nation’s “diverse and inclusive society, high-quality educational institutions, and chances to work or immigrate after graduation,” according to a spokeswoman. Canada even uncapped the working hours for students to cater to the labor shortage of the country which was again altered to 40 hours per week keeping considerations in mind. International students are a significant source of potential future permanent residents, according to IRCC. Including more than 88,000 who went straight from a post-graduation work permit to permanent status, “more than 157,000 former international students became permanent citizens in 2021—a new record.”

The authorities are now eagerly working to introduce revolutions in the country’s current statistics by bringing plans like immigration level plan. 

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