Social Media Manager

Location – Delhi

About Infinite group

We at Infinite Group guide you all throughout this journey with expert-curated decisions prioritizing the best possible opportunities for students all across India, Nepal & Sri Lanka. With a diligent and dedicated team, we provide tailor-made solutions to ensure a high level of convenience for our recruiting partners and education providers. We intend to dig up showering opportunities for students to attract some of the top universities across the globe and witness their holistic development over the years. With the consistent efforts of our hard working team, we aspire to move along the path of excellence.

About SMM

The digitally evolving world demands us to be socially active, making everything about hashtags these days. As the Social Media Manager at Infinite Group,  it is your responsibility to keep up with the latest trends and represent our vision to the world, thus attracting our target audience. If you are someone who is obsessed with the social world and knows exactly how to bring the best from it, we are so eager to meet you.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the marketing team to work on social media strategies that support the company’s vision.
  • Create monthly reports on new social media trends for the management and executive teams to review.
  • Monitor the company’s social media pages and engage with the customers
  • Create techniques for locating and preserving client reviews on the internet.
  • Analyze company’s long-term needs and provide management and senior teams with quarterly reports outlining any essential revisions to the digital marketing plan.

Qualifications required

  • 2+years of experience in the education field (is a plus)
  • Candidates must acquire a graduation degree in any discipline, however a degree in a preferable industry is a bonus. 
  • Feasible for the candidate to coordinate and work effectively with a team.
  • Strong command on communication skills 
  • In-depth knowledge about social media tools.
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