SEO Executive

Location – Delhi

About Infinite Group

We at Infinite Group guide you all throughout this journey with expert-curated decisions prioritizing the best possible opportunities for students all across India, Nepal & Sri Lanka. With a diligent and dedicated team, we provide tailor-made solutions to ensure a high level of convenience for our recruiting partners and education providers. We intend to dig up showering opportunities for students to attract some of the top universities across the globe and witness their holistic development over the years. With the consistent efforts of our hard working team, we aspire to move along the path of excellence.

About SEO Executive

Who doesn’t want a strong online platform to attract their target audience, well we all pretty much know that is where Search Engine Optimisation comes to rescue. As the SEO executive at Infinite Group, we expect you to work on the ranking of our blogs, ensuring they acquire top positions. Digital recognition to attract our target audience, is more or less what we want from our SEO Executive.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Using SEO techniques to improve the rankings of our blog.
  • Doing competitor analysis weekly to gear up ideas to work on the blog.
  • Improving the rankings of the current blogs on the website.
  • Working with the marketing team to generate ideas 
  • Publishing SEO friendly articles on the website.

Qualification Required

  • 1+ years of experience
  • Candidates must acquire a graduation degree in any discipline, however a degree in a preferable industry is a bonus. 
  • SEO course completed from a recognized source.
  • Put your creative cap on at all times.
  • Consistency and dedication is all we are looking for.
  • Ability to work in a team, sticking to the deadlines.
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