IT Development executive

Location – Delhi | United states of America | United Kingdom

About Infinite Group

We at Infinite Group guide you all throughout this journey with expert-curated decisions prioritizing the best possible opportunities for students all across India, Nepal & Sri Lanka. With a diligent and dedicated team, we provide tailor-made solutions to ensure a high level of convenience for our recruiting partners and education providers. We intend to dig up showering opportunities for students to attract some of the top universities across the globe and witness their holistic development over the years. With the consistent efforts of our hard working team, we aspire to move along the path of excellence.

About IT Development Executive

Now here we need someone with a strong technical background to introduce as well as manage the latest technical softwares enabling growth of the company on digital platforms. Not only we rely on you to strengthen our digital image but ensure smooth working of current software, for our employees to manage their daily tasks effectively. In short you will be the minds behind smooth working of all the software so that others can easily manage their tasks

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Updating University courses on the Zoho portal.
  • Coordinating with the marketing head and updating the website on a daily basis.
  • Managing other team members in the IT Department
  • Ensuring the email-ids of all team members are working properly.
  • Handling all the IT-related work.

Qualifications of IT Development Executive

  • 2+years of experience in the education field (is a plus)
  • Candidates must acquire a graduation degree in any discipline, however a degree in a preferable industry is a bonus. 
  • Tech-savvy with updated knowledge of latest softwares
  • Familiar with the latest technology which in turn makes it easier to use the latest softwares on the desktop.
  • Feasible for the candidate to coordinate and work effectively with a team.
  • Strong command on communication skills
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