infinite talk

What is Infinite Talk ?

Infinite Group stands by its motto of Redefining excellence and bringing the finest opportunities to revolutionize educational standards. Dedicatedly working in the same direction, we launched our very own educational show The Infinite Talk. The sole purpose of this show is to establish a compelling impact on the education industry supporting our vision “To educate the world with Infinite opportunities”

With Infinite Talk, we strive to build an educational community, welcoming experts from the industry on one platform to discuss the need of creating a strong educational foundation captivating worthy opportunities aiming to initiate an inducing effect towards wider possibilities and redefining excellence.

Engaging students, recruiting partners and education providers wordwide, the talk will be broadcasted globally on numerous social media platforms to provide valuable insights to viewers all around the world.




why Infinite talk ?

The Infinite Talks encourages the Educational experts to connect with the students and recruiting partners globally on one platform to discuss how relevant measures can widely influence the educational industry

It is a great opportunity for the universities to connect with 1000+ students and partners globally.

When will The Infinite Talks be held?

We intend to conduct 4 talks in a month for 45 minutes each. The official Infinite Talk will be scheduled for 30 minutes, dedicating the remaining 15 minutes for the discussion round in which the students and recruiting partners can come up with their questions to the educational experts.


our support

  • MARKETING : Infinite talk will be promoted on all social media handles (LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook) along with email campaigns containing the objectives and the conclusions which in turn will highlight the universities and their narratives.


  • ASSISTANCE : Infinite Group assures full assistance to the university representative through a pre-scheduled discussion briefing the speaker about the agenda of the talk

  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT : Infinite Group uses the Zoom platform to host its talks. We will handle all technical aspects including training the presenters and monitoring/assisting with the entire live presentation to assure highest quality.
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