Delhi Marathon 2022

"Run For Education"

Run For Education :

TOGETHER WE ARE EDUCATING THE WORLD WITH INFINITE OPPORTUNITIES .  History started a prominent topic of discussion, which is emphasized and struggled to date- EDUCATION FOR ALL! 

It all started with the emergence of Gurukuls, where students learned everything from cleanliness to studying scriptures. The effect of the Gurukul system induced a wider effect and facilitated the establishment of educational institutions. Fast forwarding to the 21st century, we still struggle with a lack of knowledge in regards to people’s perception of the necessity of building education as their strongest asset. 

Statistics prove that :


To change the statistics, Infinite Group is here with an agenda to internalize the idea of Education for All. By initiating a campaign focused on educating underprivileged children through 2 workshops every month, we are emphasizing on creating the biggest weapon everybody should possess and that is Education.  To raise awareness, we are reserving 9th October 2022 to run for education- together building a world that celebrates the power of education. Come join us as we celebrate and empower each and every citizen of this country, to choose the independence of education and the path of growth and exposure.  Together we are “Educating the world with Infinite Opportunities”