Affordable student housing in Germany is still in high demand, according to a new report

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A recent research by the German National Association for Student Affairs (DSW), there is still a shortage of state-subsidized housing for students in Germany, despite the demand for it still being high. “Housing for students” report : There are 239,000 spots for students nationally that are subsidized by the state, of which more than 196,000 are of student unions, according to the association of Germany’s 57 student services organizations- “Statistical Overview 2022.”

According to DSW, the amount of student housing that is sponsored by the state does not correspond to the number of study locations that are also supported by the state. DSW also emphasized that the proportion of students living in subsidized housing continues to be less than 10%, or 9.52 percent. According to data, more than 14,000 spaces are anticipated to be constructed in resident halls to accommodate the strong demand for cheap housing among students. Anbuhl claimed that political backing is required for this. Anbuhl said in a statement on the association’s website that federal and state funding totaling €2.6 billion must be supplied by 2027 to cover the creation of 25,000 additional living spaces, as well as renovation, modernization, and digital renewal of student union dorms.

Recently, a survey revealed that German students were finding it difficult to pay for shared housing due to high rent costs. The report urged the federal government to raise the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) minimum rates and make it easier for students to find housing in the nation. The number of students in Germany has decreased this year for the first time since the academic year 2007–2008, despite the continued strong demand for student housing. According to Destatis data, there were 1.0 percent fewer students enrolled in German institutions in the winter of 2022–2023 than there were in the same period the previous year.

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