Ireland’s Stay-Back Visa Can Benefit Indian Students, According to Irish Consul General Anita Kelly

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Ireland is no longer just a country with a vibrant culture but also a potential alternative for higher education, thanks to Irish colleges providing courses, scholarships, and other educational facilities to Indian students.

Anita Kelly, the Irish consul general in Mumbai, was present at the Education in Ireland-organized education fair in Mumbai. She spoke with the Free Press Journal about the potential for Indian students, student visas, the housing problem, and other topics. Several quotes from the interview.

How can Ireland assist Indian students in finding jobs there?

Indian students benefit from Ireland’s stay-back visa because thousands of its IT companies are among the top ones in the world, and 50% of the top financial service companies in the world are also based there.

In important industries including ICT, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and financial services, Indian students can benefit from Ireland’s stay-back visa programmes. The first thing to know is that the Ireland visa application procedure is quick, with student visas being processed after five working days if all the necessary paperwork is submitted. People can submit their applications via VFS, which is then handled through our Delhi Embassy. 

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